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Before visiting a whiskey store in Brookline, you may want to learn the basics. The world of whiskey is so diverse, originating from a history entangled between nations; whiskey has been a topic of debate for centuries. Whether you spell it whisky or whiskey we can all agree on an abundance of unique and rich flavor. In Scotland they favor the whisky spelling while the Irish add an ‘e’, spelling it whiskey. The whiskey spelling is also used to describe American whiskies. Because of the many Irish immigrants who came to the United States in the 1700s, their preferred spelling stuck.

Whiskey is made from fermenting various grains that have been mixed and mashed together. It is then aged in wooden barrels that vary from new or used, and charred or uncharred, depending on which whiskey is being made. To label a whiskey as a specific type, such as a Scotch whisky, bourbon whiskey or Irish whiskey, involves rules, and is strictly regulated. To be considered Irish whiskey it must be distilled and aged in Ireland.

Single malt whiskey is distilled at a single distillery, matured and then bottled. In contrast, blended whiskey is a combination of whiskies from different distilleries and ages. Single malt whiskey is made from malting barley, turning the starch into natural sugars. Scotch whisky is typically distilled twice or even up to 20 times. Like Irish whiskey in Ireland, Scotch has to be distilled in Scotland and matured for at least three years in oak barrels, to earn its name. For specific Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky brands visit a whiskey store in Brookline.

American whiskeys also must adhere to certain regulation. American whiskies are classified by the type of grains in the mash, length of aging, and alcohol percentage at which it was distilled. Bourbon whisky has to be produced in the United States and be comprised of 51% corn. Distilled at less than 80%, bourbon must be aged for at least two years, most are aged for four. When aged well, a distinctive spicy oak firmness is evident in the taste of good bourbon. The spicy oak comes from the charred oak barrel it is aged in. At a whiskey shop near 02445, you can find top shelf brands of bourbon.

All production of North American whiskies is done in Kentucky except for Canadian and Tennessee whiskey. Tennessee began with producing mostly bourbon whiskey, but now the two remaining distilleries specialize in Tennessee whisky. This type of whiskey is filtered through a bed of sugar maple charcoal, giving it a long, clean, and very smooth finish. A whiskey shop near 02445 can supply and satisfy all you whiskey needs.

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