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If you are looking for the best craft beer in Brookline, information on pale ale beer, mild ale beer, wheat beer, stout beer and porter beer will only assist you in your search. You may discover a quality beer store, while searching for premium beers in Brookline. Considered the world's most consumed and oldest alcoholic beverage it is the third most popular drink on the face of the earth following water and tea. Beer is made from the process of brewing, involving the fermentation of starches, mostly malted barley.

The two families of beer are lagers and ales, differentiated by the type of temperature and yeast used during fermentation. Fermented at lower temperatures, lagers need to be cooled for weeks before they are ready for consumption. Ales need warmer temperatures and are ready sooner, with no storing necessary. The main five categories of beer are pale ale beer, stout beer, mild ale beer, wheat beer, and lagers. Searching to find a beer store that has the best craft beer in Brookline may open you up to the world of craft beer.

Pale ale beers are made relying on warm fermentation and pale malt. The use of a higher amount of pale malt will result in a lighter beer. Pale ales can be made with different levels of hops. There exist many variations; the most popular ones are amber ales, American pale ales, blondes, India pale ale and strong pale ales. Amber ales are brewed with a combination of amber malt and crystal malt to produce an amber color. Amber ales are typically lighter in hops than other pale ales.

American pale ales are typically around 5% abv, using higher quantities of American hops. Blonde ales are very light, tending to be clear, crisp, and dry, containing a low or medium level of bitterness from the hops and sweetness from the malt. India Pale ale style was developed in England for the purpose of export to India. The color of pale ale can be light golden or reddish amber. Strong pale ales are made with pale malts and come with an alcohol percentage between 7% or 8% and 12%. There was a type of strong pale ale, created in 1994, with an ABV of 29%.

Stout beer and porter beer are dark, made by brewing roasted malts or roast barley with slowly fermenting yeast. Mild ale is usually dark in color with an alcohol percentage of about 3%, but reaching as high as 6%. Wheat beer is brewed with a large quantity of malted barley. Lagers are made by cool fermentation and are the most popular beers worldwide. With a new understanding of beer, finding premium lager beers in Brookline will be simple.

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