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Learning the basics about gin may improve your next visit to a gin store in Brookline. Gin comes from fermenting juniper berries. It is comprised of a very large and broad category, represented by products varying in origin, styles, and flavors. No matter the differences and complexity in all gin products, they are all made from the juniper berry. The primary spirit base in gin is grain, resulting in a light-bodied taste. Any premium gin can be found in any gin store in Brookline.

The European Union has legally separated gin into four different categories with technical specificity. Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks, gin, distilled gin, and London gin are all similar but differ in production. Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks are produced by pot stilling fermented grain mash. Pot stilling is applying heat directly to the pot of grain mash. After fermentation, it is then redistilled with botanicals to extract aroma. It must be a minimum of 30% ABV (alcohol by volume) when bottled. You can find a grand selection of gin brands and premium gin near 02445.

Gin has been separated into different types, depending on the region of development. London dry gin is the primary style of English gin. It's the most common gin, typically very dry and heavily juniper-flavoured, it has a light and aromatic body. During the second or third time of distillation, London gin is infused with aromatic ingredients. The different aromatic ingredients differentiate gin brands from one another.

There is another type of gin; it is similar to London dry, but less dry. It is made in Plymouth, England, and produced by a single distillery. Infused with more roots than London dry, this gin has an earthy flavor and a lighter note of juniper. Genever gin has a very unique taste and color compared to other types of gin. It gains its darker color and flavor from a base of malt grains. Said to be similar to a light-bodied botanical Whiskey, genever gin is sweet and aromatic, served straight up and chilled.

Sweeter than London dry gin, Old Tom gin is originally the lightly sweetened gin popular in the 1700s in England. Its flavor has been described as a cross between London dry and genever gin. Old Tom gin has become somewhat rare with very few distilleries making that style. New styles of gin are referred to as new American or International gin, as long as it uses the same base distilling process. These gins are heavily flavored, lessening the taste of juniper berries. You will have many options if you are looking for gin near 02445.

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