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If you are looking for schnapps or any liqueur near 02445, visiting a liqueur shop in Brookline may be your best bet. Liqueur or cordials are flavor-infused with sweetness, with many different types. The word liqueur comes from the Latin liquifacere, directly meaning to dissolve... referring to the dissolving of flavorings in spirits. All liqueurs are made from blending different flavors and spirits. Liqueur or cordials are typically never aged for long periods of time. However, the spirits that comprise liqueur can be aged. Instead, liqueur is rested during its production in order for the flavors to blend and marinate together.

Liqueur can be difficult to classify, but generally refers to all alcoholic beverages containing added sugar and flavors. Ranging from having an alcohol content of 15% to 55%, liqueur is served after a meal and is commonly taken alongside coffee. Liqueur has been broken down into five basic categories. Generics are any liqueurs of a particular type that aren’t owned by any specific producers. Proprietaries are trade marketed liqueurs made using a specific formula.

Schnapps has originated in northern countries and regions, such as Germany and Scandinavia. An assortment of white and flavored spirits, schnapps can be made from grain, potatoes, or molasses. Almost anything can be used to flavor schnapps, such as watermelon or root beer. Anise liqueur or Anise-flavored spirits come in many variations depending on the country of origin. Anise liqueur can be quite dry or sweet, low or high proof, and distilled from fermented anise or macerated in a neutral spirit.

Bitters liqueur originated from medieval times. Developed from medieval medical potions, bitters liqueur are said to have therapeutic value. Marketed with the ability to help settle the stomach and cure hangovers, bitters liqueur are flavored with herbs, roots, and botanicals. There are many types of Liqueur differing in texture, taste and flavoring. The most popular five types are coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur, berry liqueur, cream liqueur, and fruit liqueur.

Coffee liqueur uses coffee as the main flavor and is widely popular in Mexico, Ireland, New England, and Jamaica. Chocolate liqueur comes in three types: chocolate, chocolate cream and creme de cacao. Chocolate liqueur is manufactured in or originated from Brazil, Israel, Austria and France. Berry liqueur is flavored exclusively with berries varying from lakka berries, raspberries, and strawberries. Cream liqueur is usually made with dark liquor mixed with heavy cream. Now equipped with vast information of liqueur, finding the best liqueur near 02445 is as simple as visiting a liqueur shop in Brookline.

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