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If you are looking for top shelf rum, visiting a rum store in Brookline is a good idea. Made from fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice or molasses, the distillate is aged in oak barrels. The main production of the world’s rum is done in the Caribbean and Latin America. The various grades of rum are categorized by light rums and spiced rums. Light rums are more common in cocktails opposed to spiced rums which were traditionally served straight. Nowadays, it is common to add mixers when drinking either/or.

White rums are mostly light-bodied, except for a few heavy-bodied white rums from French islands. Usually clear with a subtle flavor, white rums aged in oak casks are filtered to remove color. Golden rums or amber rums are medium-bodied, spending years aging in oak casks. This process gives golden rum a smooth and mellow taste. In contrast dark rums are traditional and full-bodied. They develop a rich caramel-dominated flavor from aging several years in oak casks. If you're searching for white, golden, or dark premium rum near 02445, you should have available a large selection of top shelf rum.

Spiced rums come in variations of white, dark or golden rums. Infused with spices or fruit flavors, spiced rums are very popular in Caribbean nations. Also widely available in the United States, most rum can be found in any rum store in Brookline Massachusetts. Some rum is made from different vintages and batches, mixed together insuring a consistent flavor in rum brands. These rums are called age-dated rums and are required to be labeled for the youngest rum included. Age-dated rum is only one of the types of premium rum near 02445 available for purchase.

There is an extremely potent version of rum originating in Jamaica called rude rum. If you add water to rude rum as a chaser or a mix, the brew is so concentrated that smoke will emit from the glass. Rude rum is particularly rare and found more easily in Jamaica than in the United States. The history of rum and sugar are one in the same, as they both originate from the sugar cane plant. The sugar cane was spread from present-day Indonesia by Chinese traders and finally noticed in Europe during the 11th century Crusades. Spanish and Portuguese explorers then began to plant them in colonial territories such as Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti) and Brazil.

By the 1650s, it was discovered that if sugar cane is mixed with water and left to dry it will ferment. In English colonies rum was called kill devil, either because of its tendency to cause massive hangovers or its perception as a medicinal power. By the 1730s, the British navy had produced a drink called grog, an equal mix of rum and water. Grog was adopted as a daily ration in naval life until 1969. In the second half of the 1900s, the development of modern air conditioning spurred the spread of rum to North American and European nations. As tourism exploded, the popularity of rum quickly rose, leading to the development of its current status. In 2015 the total sales of the top two rum brands in the United States totaled to 428.87 million dollars.

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